Stay Native Cancellation Policy



An Experience is refundable if:





Cancellation Fee

There will be a 2.9% admin fee payable for ALL cancellations , this fee is to cover credit card processing and administration costs involved.  This amount will automatically be deducted when your refund is processed.  If the host cancels a booking, a full refund will be given to the guest. 


Please allow up to 10 days for all refunds to processed.  Refunds will be returned to the original credit card used for the booking. 


Cancellations related to weather

Hosts plan for changes in the weather and will try to continue the experience as planned, even in bad weather.  If severe weather conditions make it unsafe for you and your host to continue as scheduled, the host may adjust the itinerary or reschedule the experience.  If the experience is substantially changed or cancelled altogether and cannot be rescheduled, you can contact us to request a refund.


What happens if a host cancels a reservation?

If a reservation is cancelled by a host, guests will receive a full refund.

Because cancellations impact our guests' plans and overall confidence in Stay Native, penalties will be applied when a host cancels a reservation.


A host’s first cancellation will attract a 2.9% admin fee.  Any subsequent cancellations made over 7 days before an experience’s start date will attract a $50 penalty fee.  Any cancellations less than 7 days before the experience will attract a $100 penalty fee.  Fees will be payable directly to Stay Native Ltd. 


An automated and non-removable review will be posted to an experience listing when a host cancels a reservation.


Hosts cannot accept another reservation for the same dates of the cancelled reservation and host must remove that date from the calendar making it 'Unavailable'.  If a host cancels 3 or more reservations within a year, Stay Native may suspend their account.


Unless there are extenuating circumstances, there will be no exceptions to our cancellation policy.


In the case of an extenuating circumstance the following events will be considered for a cancellation fee waiver


Extenuating Circumstances Policy

Valid circumstances include:



Claims can only be considered after a booking has been cancelled.  Once you've informed your host or guest and cancelled the booking, if you feel that your reason for cancellation is covered by Stay Native’s Extenuating Circumstances Policy, contact Stay Native for consideration. Claims must be submitted no later than 14 days from the original Start date and will require valid supporting documentation.