Stay Native is a social enterprise that promotes the sharing of authentic indigenous experiences in Aotearoa New Zealand, with travellers from all over the world. 


It all started when we were at our  papakinga (homeplace) in Northland and had been out diving and fishing. We were eating our kai (meal) and had settled down around the fire on the beach telling our favourite stories, reminiscing, dreaming and sharing our grand ideas. We shared ideas about self reliance and different ways we could make a living staying on the whenua (land). 


We were sitting there looking out at the water, just appreciating the blessings of the whenua (land) and the moana (sea) and we thought to ourselves, "Why can’t we share this magic with others and make it a business?" Then we said, "What if we somehow brought a whole network of whanau (families), hapu (sub tribes), marae (traditional gathering places) together, from all over, sharing their time, talents, experiences , places and stories with other people?" We could simply do what we do best and create authentic experiences for travellers throughout NZ It was an 'aha' moment and the beginning of Stay Native.  

We set about creating an online platform that could connect everyone and in 2018 we launched Stay Native at the Ngapuhi festival, bringing on board our first 100 hosts. We were now a tourism venture with a difference.



Our Stay Native values 


Maori are naturally welcoming people, so moving into the tourism space was exciting as it aligned with our core cultural values of:


Whanaungatanga - Where building and maintaining relationships with and beyond our nuclear family are key.

Manaakitanga -  Where indigenous hospitality is at the core of hosting family, friends and, guests.

Kaitiakitanga - Where the environs that we engage with are treated as equals to us. We respect and care for our environment to ensure its pristine longevity for generations to come.


Our Stay Native social objectives 


At the very core of our business is a drive to see indigenous peoples thrive. 

We aim to make a difference by:

- Supporting whanau self reliance principles and papakainga, marae sustainability

- Creating economic micro business and indigenous tourism career opportunities

- Promoting, celebrating and sharing the indigenous experiences


The proceeds from the Stay Native enterprise go to the hosts (80%) and the balance (20%) is reinvested back into developing Stay Native, as well as supporting the charitable aims of Nga Manga Puriri Trust to provide wellness recovery programmes.


As a new social enterprise we are excited about our entry into the tourism market, and the potential 'Stay Native' has to deliver not only economic, but social outcomes.


Vision and Mission


Our Vision: #1 'Go To' site for Indigenous experiences in Aotearoa, NZ


Our Mission: Weaving authentic cultural connections