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We can help you build a sustainable business through tourism

Earn extra income, while living on your whenua and sharing greater opportunities with your whānau.

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Creating Opportunity

We're a social startup, and indigenous-owned (Māori) company from New Zealand committed to creating jobs and business opportunities for indigenous communities through tourism.

Global Marketing & Distribution
Global Marketing & Distribution

We help you design your tourism experience and connect you with a global audience of customers searching for unique and authentic cultural experiences.

Minimal Startup Costs
Minimal Startup Costs

Get started for free. Stay Native works on a commission-based model, so we only get paid when we get you bookings. Giving us the incentive to help you grow your business alongside us.

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We're looking to connect with local māori hosts, storytellers, and photographers that would like to earn an income through providing one of kind experiences, workshops or tours.

If you have a passion for writing stories, recording podcasts, or you are a youtube star and want to tell your story about what makes you unique as a māori, we want to meet you!