E A T   P L A Y   S T A Y   N A T I V E


Escape the cookie-cutter tourist crowds and find something unique and personal. Don't settle for experiencing

things from the sidelines. Make real connections with locals and learn the history of the places you explore.


At ​Stay ​Native, ​we ​cater ​to ​the ​adventurous ​traveler ​ready ​to head ​off ​the ​beaten ​track. Our ​hosts ​come ​from ​all ​

walks ​of ​life ​and their ​experiences ​invite ​you ​to ​delve ​into ​the ​culture, ​food, ​places ​and history that ​make ​them

unique. ​If ​you're ​ready ​to ​say ​goodbye ​to tourist ​traps ​and ​cliches, ​sign ​up ​and ​book ​your ​experience ​today.


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Camp on the beach in our private bayView this Experience

Horse Trek

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A private horse trek along a beautiful beachView this Experience

Tane Mahuta

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Explore Tane Mahuta with a local guideView this Experience

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